PAM Implementation

When it comes to the implementation of a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, we offer comprehensive support by providing expert guidance and full project teams to oversee the entire lifecycle of the implementation process. 


We prioritise several key areas during PAM implementation, including: 


  • PAM Standards: Defining and creating robust Privileged Access Management standards that serve as the foundation for your security controls. This includes determining password age, complexity, and rotation periods. 

  • Asset Identification: Identifying the assets that require management and control through the PAM solution. We classify and apply appropriate control standards to each asset. 

  • Vendor Selection: Employ an agnostic approach to identify the most suitable PAM technology vendor that aligns with your business requirements. We consider factors such as asset location (cloud, on-premises, hybrid), and compatibility with legacy technology. 

  • Tactical & Strategic Roadmaps: Offering advice and creating short-term and long-term strategy roadmaps to guide the implementation process and achieve your business vision while meeting regulatory and audit requirements. 

  • Roadmap Implementation: Implementation involves not only technological changes but also addressing changes in people and processes. PAM solutions significantly impact the workflows of privileged users. Therefore, it is essential to provide sufficient training, promote security awareness, and ensure clear communication to maximise the efficient and correct utilisation of the technology. 

  • Sustainability: Ensuring that processes and accounts are effectively managed even after the completion of the project. This includes proper onboarding and offboarding of new systems and accounts, conducting health checks, implementing access governance measures, and running efficient recertification processes to validate user access rights. 

  • Support: Recognising the criticality of the PAM system within the organisation, we emphasize the need for 24/7/365 support to ensure uninterrupted accessibility. Our aim is to enable users to retrieve their access and carry out their responsibilities even during out-of-hours incidents. 

  • Maintenance: Like any other software, a PAM system requires regular upgrades and patches to address the latest vulnerabilities. We provide quarterly, bi-monthly, and annual health checks to ensure the ongoing stability and security of your PAM solution. 


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