About The Company

The founders of the company boast an extensive track record of collaboration spanning more than ten years. They have effectively operated within two highly prosperous IAM start-up companies as well as one of the prominent "big four" consultancies. 


Third Wave Identity emerges as the culmination of their partnership, representing the third iteration of their collective endeavours. The primary objective behind its establishment is to leverage their comprehensive skills and vast experience, building upon past achievements. This consultancy is dedicated not only to fulfilling the needs of clients but also prioritising the well-being of our employees. With a combined experience exceeding 30 years in successfully delivering diverse programs and projects, this company embodies their vision of conducting business with utmost integrity and efficiency. 

What We Do

Third Wave Identity is dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions in Identity and Access Management (IAM), Identity Governance Access (IGA), Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM), and Privileged Access Management (PAM).  

In addition, we offer expert advisory services, professional service packages and round-the-clock software solution support, ensuring uninterrupted assistance for our clients. 

For a detailed overview of our complete range of services, kindly refer to the "Services" tab. 

Our Team

Jesal Dosa

Drawing upon more than 17 years of consulting experience, Jesal has dedicated the past 14 years of his career to specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM). During this time, he has successfully overseen numerous significant security and infrastructure projects, demonstrating his proficiency in implementing robust solutions across both public and finance sectors.

Jesal's expertise lies in managing large-scale initiatives, where he strategically applies his knowledge of IAM and PAM frameworks to ensure the delivery of effective and secure solutions. His extensive experience and track record of success make him a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of modern security landscapes.

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Trevor Morris

Trevor possesses an extensive background of over two decades in the fields of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM). He began his journey as a Business Analyst, steadily advancing to the role of Principal Consultant. Eventually, he assumed the position of Director of Professional Services, where he demonstrated exceptional competence in overseeing and managing professional services practices. 

Throughout his career, Trevor has successfully implemented IAM/PAM programs and projects on a global scale, showcasing his expertise in navigating the complexities associated with these initiatives. His diverse experience and leadership skills make him a valuable asset in driving successful outcomes for organisations. 

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