Application Onboarding

Effective application onboarding is a crucial aspect of any Identity Access Management (IAM) strategy. Failing to execute this process correctly can lead to negative perceptions of your system and potential financial implications. The impact of improperly onboarded applications can have far-reaching consequences across various departments, including HR, Audit, End Users, Security, and Compliance, affecting the entire company. 

The objective is to streamline and expedite the onboarding and configuration of applications through well-defined and replicable processes. These processes should accommodate various application connector types, such as Read, Write, and Read-only, as well as those employing the Flat File method. 

When executed accurately, the benefits are manifold. They include reducing company costs by enabling application and support teams to focus on delivering business value. At Third Wave Identity, we offer a proven framework that simplifies and accelerates the application onboarding process, yielding the following advantages: 

  • Automated account creation process 
  • Efficient management of permissions and groups to ensure appropriate access for application users 
  • Data-enabled definition of toxic combinations 
  • Role mining capabilities for modelling IT and Business roles 
  • Successful execution of attestations or certifications with accurate and up-to-date data 
  • Simplified password management 
  • Timely removal of access for departing employees 
  • Seamless access provisioning for new hires from day 1 
  • Reduction of onboarding costs
  • Standardised Connector Configurations

We are committed to providing our clients with a trusted and proven framework that not only simplifies but also expedites the application onboarding process.  

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