Current State Assessments

Download the Current State Assessment deck.

Prior to undertaking any changes or new implementations, we strongly recommend that clients conduct a Current State Assessment (CSA). This assessment not only provides valuable insights into areas that require change, but also enables us to develop a tactical and strategic roadmap for addressing each task. By demonstrating the benefits of change to stakeholders, it facilitates their buy-in and significantly enhances the likelihood of project success. 

Typically, businesses tend to concentrate their CSA efforts on evaluating the implemented technology related to IAM or PAM solutions, rather than considering the broader context. However, based on our experience, we believe it is crucial to assess not only the technology, but also the people and processes surrounding it. While most products are designed to fulfil their intended purpose, improvements in the people and process aspects often yield quick wins for companies. 

We invest time in engaging with key stakeholders from the CISO office, Security, Risk, HR, Application, and Infrastructure teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current pain points, your vision, and the desired end state as perceived by everyone involved. 


Our CSA primarily focuses on the following areas:  

  • People 
  • Process 
  • Technology 

For further information and cost details regarding a Current State Assessment, please contact us at or you can download our Current State Assessment deck.